The loss of a beloved pet is one of the most painful moments a pet parent must face. Whether it comes unexpectedly, or after the course of a long illness, it leaves you with confused, anguished emotions and a burden of difficult decisions. Designing a memorial urn helps lessen the grief felt after such a sorrowful loss. We offer a variety of pet urns that can be customized to reflect the bond shared with your pet. When a person is memorialized it serves as a symbol of how significant that person was in history or in someone’s life. The same applies to the memorialization of a beloved pet. A keepsake is anything that you keep close to your heart. A keepsake pet urn that you personally design signifies and communicates how important that animal was in your life and the life of others. Paws2Heaven’s main focus is to support, guide and assist families in capturing the uniqueness of their fallen companion through personalized customization. memorial keepsake urns not only mark closure to losing a four legged family member. They also celebrates the pet’s life by marking its existence here on earth