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Here you can see pictures of the pets you have helped get a home. You can follow the progress of a pet through foster care and learn about their special qualities before you decide to sponsor a dog or cat.

I will never let you down, I will always keep your memory locked inside my heart. I pledge to you today that I will “Forget You Not”

Tips on coping with the death of your pet.
o-local pet loss support groups
Donate to the BenMonk Fund and make the adoption of pets more affordable.
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No you will not be forgotten. No you will not be alone and you not be afraid
I will not let you down. No will let you down.
I will always keep tightly wrapped inside my heart.  The soul underneath isn’t all that remains, you memory remains and I promise to you today a hollowed place within in my heart is where you will always stay.

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Custom Keepsakes…
bulletCapture the memory of your best friend with a memorial keepsake that you create
Urns from marble
Pet Urn made from porcelain
American handcrafted wooden pet cremation urns
Marble memorials
Crystal engraving
Diamonds created from ashes
Blown glass urns
Custom painted pet urns


Benny Beloved Cat 
Proceeds from Paws2Heaven. Net sales go directly to homeless pets by buying down their adoption rate.  Therefore, making adoption more affordable for families.  Read More about this fund below and how you can donate to make a difference in the life of a homeless pet
Custom Service
 Losing a pet is an extremely difficult process as you know so well, it is an emotional time when a beloved pet dies. There is an overwhelming feeling of loss and sorrow for families and individuals. Finding a pet urn should not be difficult and we understand that creating a memorial can provide comfort while aiding in the healing process.

Paws 2 Heaven has over 120 pet urn styles in stock at our Worthington Ohio location. Most of our cremation pet urns can be engraved the same day. Designing a personalized pet urn can be the best way to remember and honor the memory of a beloved pet that is why we offer such a large selection of customized pet.
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