Create a truly unique Pet Urn by having your pet's photo engraved on rare black marble for an everlasting tribute to your fallen companion. Personalized message and decorative borders can be engraved in gold or silver.  Nameplates are available in 5 colors with 9 different font options




Rock Urns


Etched In My Heart  Memorial Urn

These Pet Urns are made from solid Cherry, Walnut and Maple wood. that is handcrafted in America. Storage compartment on top of tray




 Pet Urn




Components Of Urn:

 Front Plate:    Marble

Top Plate Nameplate

Inside Lid:       Wood Engraving

Inside Tray:     Wood Engraving




 Marble Urn for engraving


Faithful Feline UrnsEtched in My Heart-

Front Plate:    Marble

Top Plate: Nameplate

Inside Lid:         Plain

Inside Tray: Plain

Cherry Pet Urn  

Photo UrnsLarge Etched In My Heart Urns

Front Plate:    Marble

Top Plate:         Plain

Inside Lid:         Plain

Inside Tray:      Wood Engraving







Photo UrnsLarge Etched In My Heart Urn - 

Front Plate:    Marble

Top Plate:         Nameplate

Inside Lid:         Picture Frame

Inside Tray:      Wood Engraving




Maple Pet Urns








Framed Photo UrnsEtched In My Heart

Front Plate:    Marble

Top Plate:         Plain

Inside Lid:         Wood Engraving

Inside Tray:      Wood Engraving








Framed Photo UrnsEtched In My Heart  Photo Frame  

 Photo Frame On Front Urn Instead of Marble. Save $250








Framed Photo UrnsEtched In My Heart With Figurine

Have a pet figurine painted to look like your beloved baby







Faithful Feline UrnsMarble Memorial for dogs or cats.

This Urn has no inside options however it is lined in black velvet







Memory Candle UrnVase Urns-

Bring your beloved companion home in one of our  beautifully made brass cremation urns

Click for Copper

Click for Slate

Click for Pewter

Click for Brass




Memory Candle UrnPaw Print Jar Urn

These urns are made from solid brass and come in three colors: Copper, Slate and Pewter


Paw Print Slate Vase UrnTranquility Vase Urn RedTranquility Vase Urn Red


Click on Vase Urn above to find more out about the product

Tranquility Vase Urn Purple



  • This paw print urn is made just for your beloved pet. Engraving can be added for that personal touch


  •    Customizing this Pet Urn is simple  




  • We help you create a memorial urn that honors your companion's memory.  The bond that you have  formed with your companion will last eternally, saying your  final goodbyes with a proper memorial urn not only honors that special relationship  it also helps us through the grieving  process. Helping you to heal and love again.



angel pet urnPaw Print Dog Urn

Our cultured Pet Urns offer customized option such a nameplates and photos


  • When you have suffered the loss of a beloved companion, you can trust us to help you preserve the memory of your cat or dog with care and consideration. We understand that each individual's situation is unique, therefore, we strive to help you create an pet urn or remembrance item that reflects the special relationship shared with your pet.

pawprint pet urn                    Brass Inlay Cat Urn

Customize Vase Memorial