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Our  forever friends memorial candle concept is based on the Indian legend that at the end of the evening friends gathered around the fire to share their thoughts and speak of each others good qualities. As the embers faded, friendships were sealed.  Your pet will never be alone when you light this dog memorial candle,  its glow embraces the memories and the bond you will share forever. So gather your pet's friends in celebration of his life and rejoice in the privilege of having him/her in yours. These Special Edition Pet Memorial Candles are hand crafted by  talented artisans. Creating a  dog memorial candle that truly captures the canine spirit. Cast from  stone resin and hand painted, each dog memory candle is unique as the relationship with your pet.

40 breeds
Hand painted

We have a limited supply of these candles. Click below to view selections, please understand that these candles have been discontinued. If you order an candle which we do not have in stock your money will be refunded.






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