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Pet urn question

Benton's Favorite Hobby: Bomb diving in empty boxes of peanuts

Erma's Favorite Hobby: Shredding rolls of paper towels




Monnie's Hobby: Peeing on couches


Max's Hobby: Playing fetch with humans


Our creative artist has taken a sabbatical and will return on March 3, 2009


Gabriel: Chat line operator: Customer support

All I know is that this computer screen hurts my eyes, I need to look away every 2 seconds..oh that's right I am a cat and my attention span is very short.  I do what I can to help. Below you can see a picture of my best friend Benny who crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge on March 3, 2003. Paws2Heaven was created the day Benny passed away.

Gabriel's  Hobby: Purring Like a Freight Train



Gabriel and Benny

Gabriel is still working hard at Paws2Heaven to honor the memory of his best friend Benny

Benny Crossed Over To The Rainbow Bridge March 3, 2003


Monkey Crossed Over To The Rainbow Bridge On July 26, 2005



Heart Keepsake Slate Single Paw

 Paw Pet Urn

 Beagle Memory Candle 
Click photo to see our memorial candles

pet urn cube

Pet Cube Urn


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