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We help you design the perfect Urn for your fallen companion. The loss of a beloved pet is one of the most painful moments a pet parent must face. Whether it comes unexpectedly, or after the course of a long illness, it leaves you with confused, anguished emotions and a burden of difficult decisions. Designing one of our Urns or Memorials for your pet helps lessen the grief felt after such a sorrowful loss. Have your own words, pictures and memories tell the story of such a wonderful and unique relationship shared with your pet. Our purpose is to help you discover how to create a meaningful and dignified goodbye. Design your Pet Urn today and create an honorable closure to your pet's life.

      Marble Urns are designed in house to help you honor your Pet.  We also offer a large variety of Memorial Urns for your pet.

Walnut Memorial For Pets..

Walnut Pet Urn

Maple Urn For Your Pet...
Marble Pet Urn

Rare Black Onyx Marble is used for eching photos





Our "Etched In My Heart" Marble Memorial Urns shown above are handcrafted in America. There are four components to this unique urn for your pet. There is a top plate, front plate, inside lid and inside tray. All of these components can be customized with a marble etching, picture frame, wood engraving, plaque and nameplate. This all allows for you to truly create a one of a kind urn for your pet.

Tranquility Vase Urn Purple


Your Pet holds a special place in your heart You can honor your pet with this Purple Tranquility Cremation Memorial in a stuning beautiful purple color. Engrave your own words to  further personalize your pet urn




Dog Urn for pet

Dogs leave paw prints on our heart urn. Optional nameplate available.


Gorgeous brass Pet Urn  overlaid with different enamel. Makes a beautiful memorial display



angel pet urn  

Guardian Angel Pet Memorial
Beautiful angel rest her head upon a rock.
Optional pet nameplate available

pawprint pet urn

These beautiful brass paw print urns will honor the memory of your pet. Choose from Pewter, Brass, Slate or Gold finish.


pet urn traditional lab figurine


$  Traditional Cremation Urns For Dogs and Cats
Starting at $105.00

Paw Print Dog Urn


Dog's leave Paw Prints on our heart urn. A small photo of your pet can be displayed on this dog urn














Custom Marble Keepsake Pet Urns..



Engraved Marble Urn










Large Maple Memorial..

Paw Print Slate Vase UrnTranquility Vase Urn RedTranquility Vase Urn Red  
   Slate Memorial               Crimson Tranquility Urn  

Vase Cremation Urns For Dogs and Cats

Starting at $78.00

Vase Urns For Dogs, Cats and Pet
Starting at $78.00


Brass Inlay Cat Urn

These beautiful cat urns come in three finishes that will fit any deco






Marble Urn
Traces of Love Pet Memorial Urn


Have your pet's photo engraved on our marble to create an meaningful goodbye.



Heart Keepsake Slate Single Paw

 Paw Pet Urn

pet urn cube

Pet Cube Urn